Sunday, 15 November 2009


Today I submitted my design for the Poster4Tomorrow poster competition. The poster had to relate to freedom of expression, and I created the design below.

I also had to submit an explanation of the work:

"The poster is a reaction to the censorship (the un-free press) in American Society, the way in which American news reports give a highly based and censored view of what happens in the world around us. People now have to look online at blogs created by independent reporters and people who are actually living through these events to hear the real truth, to find out what is really happening.
The pen is used as an image to represent the written word, although not necessarily printed. As I said above, blogs are now a main source for free speech, and I believe that these blog writers are our new literary heros, using the written word to speak to million of people.
The ink flowing from the pen shows how these messages trickle down through society and eventually uncover the real story, with the ink washing over and thus removing the censorship. The text is a definition of the work censorship and the colours are influenced by the USA flag, which, although a little cliched, I feel is relevant to the message of the piece."

The explanation was a little shoddy, as I looked at website to see when the deadline was, and it happened to be in 15 minutes! Therefore I submitted the poster as-is (i was going to work on it some more) and quickly wrote my thoughts on the work!
The 100 chosen designs will be submitted in Paris, with the top 5 put on permanent exhibit at the International Poster Museum in Finland.


  1. ooh! and i remember this...

    (interesting thing on why newspapers are all crappy)