Sunday, 15 November 2009

Let the right one in.

We watched the swedish film 'Let the right one in' a few weeks ago in Kino 4, our Uni/D&AD film club. I cannot express how much I enjoyed this film.
It is about a Swedish boy named Oskar, and a young female vampire he meets called Eli. I won't go heavily into the plot, but its a very interesting film.
Its also possibly one of the most well shot films in terms of Cinematography that I have ever seen. Every shot is beautiful, like a well taken photograph.
It has rekindled my long running love with all things Scandinavian, and I loved the film so much that I booked a flight to Sweden the next day, I depart on the 20th.
The only thing wrong with the film is the DVD packaging, which I feel totally misrepresents the film. It presents it as a horror vampire movie, where the film is really an intriguing drama about different cultures and young love. I may take it up on myself to redesign the DVD packaging as a self initiated project, to represent the film better.

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