Saturday, 27 June 2009

A prototype...

Ive spent part of the day developing my future website that will eventually host my work and contact details etc.
As im not too familiar with flash, its taken me quite a while to get the actionscripting to work...

Ive managed to so far create a basic (albeit glitchy) homepage, and hope to get more done soon.
Ive uploaded it to a free URL (hence the ads!) but will hopefully purchase a .com URL in september with part of my student loan.
On the page, the image in the background changes when the page is refreshed, as does the phrase in the speech bubble. I also plan on putting these phrases and speech bubble on my business cards...

A Present in the Post

Last month I received a rather nice object in the post:
The designers republics 3D>2D book, signed by none other than tDR founder Ian Anderson himself!
It was as a thankyou gift for participating in a live brief and workshop he had set earlier in the year, and in terms of design books, its sheer pornography. This also opened doors for me as I began emailing Ian, which eventually led to a portfolio crit in the tDR office, and an offer of a work placement this summer!

A free book, and a placement at my favorite design company. Life is good :D

Back in Black(burn)

I have recently moved home for the summer (the downfall of buying a new mac and having no money...).
I have set up a small makeshift studio in my room to focus my creative efforts over the next 2 months, until I move back to Manchester.