Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Why Lazy Advertisers Deserve to be Shot. Yes, Shot.

I'm typing this in rage.
5 minutes ago I saw a new Land Rover advert on TV, completely ripping off the highly original 'Wolf and Pig' animation.
Words cannot describe how angry it makes me when i see great ideas ripped off by greedy advertisers. If they don't have any ideas of their own, they shouldn't be in the job in the first place.

The sad thing is, the Wolf and Pig animation will probably remain relatively unknown, whilst the Land Rover advert will be heralded as a masterpiece by Idiots who listen to Lady Gaga and think the Noisettes are a new band.

The absoloutly genius 'Wolf and Pig' animation:

The shameless rip off by Land Rover:

This has been a rather angry rant, but I hate the fact that big companies feel they have the right to plagiarize the work of true creatives.


  1. Its a fucking mess isnt it, but don't front on lady gaga too much, she actually has a little sense opposed to the wastegash-fucks miming n shit, like britneyfags.

  2. It seems the landrover ad has been removed from youtube. Maybe they seen your rant. There is alot about advertisers stealing youtube thoughts... Such as visa and aero... Apparently they are bringing in laws to prevent it. But Lazy advertisers won't be too lazy to find loopholes :(

  3. Wolf and pig is amazing ^_^ haven't even seen the land rover ad x.