Monday, 10 August 2009

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

I recently came across this excellent video by London based Studio Field.
The video was made using a custom generative animation tool, and is created to represent various arctic landscapes.

Interim Camp from FIELD on Vimeo.

I think this is an amazing technical achievement and a great visual experience, I love the colours and the ambient sounds.

After looking at the Universal Everything website recently (another studio famed for their generative work,) I saw that they had created a video to enter into a short film festival in china:

Short Film / Onedreamrush / 42 Below Vodka / China from Universal Everything on Vimeo.

These videos are remarkably similar, which begs the question 'who copied who?'
It certainly seems as if Mr. Pyke of Universal Everything has been influenced by this, as the Field video was released 4 months earlier. However, it could of course be a happy coincidence, and even if not, is probably not intentional (designers often copy ideas without realising they are copying at all, the idea is just in their head.)
I love both videos, both the glitchy feel of Field's and the slick, polished fields of Universal Everything, and I hope to be able to make work like this in the near future.

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