Sunday, 23 August 2009

Synesthesiatic Animation - a work in progress

Over the past couple of days I have been creating an animation for a song called "'We Once Were (Two)" by The Album Leaf.
I was inspired by the condition 'Colour Synesthesia' which is sometimes characterised by a person 'seeing' colours when they hear sounds.
Although I do not have Synesthesia, I find it hard to seperate music and visuals in my head, as my mind forms images to whatever music I listen to involuntarily.
These video's below show what I imagine in my head as I listen to the song. This is just the beginning of a larger animation, as I hope to animate the entire song in time. There are 2 versions, I'm not sure which I prefer, so opinons are welcomed!

Album Leaf Animation Test from Adam Brandon on Vimeo.

Album Leaf Animation Test 2 from Adam Brandon on Vimeo.

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