Friday, 10 September 2010

An Ode to Chillwave.

Last weekend I visited my friends in manchester and also went to a gig by Chillwave band Neon Indian.
It was a sad affair. Chillwave has been described as the 'sound of summer 2010' and unfortunately, the summer is now over. Neon Indian looked sad, exhausted, and didnt really have the feel of summer about them any more. (not the feel of british summer, but rather the idealised version of summer that you see in 80's teen movies).
I imagine that chillwave bands suffer the same fate as wasps at the end of the summer. Or perhaps not, although i'd would be entertaining to see Alan Palomo go mental and start stinging everyone who eats jam sandwiches.
Anyway, as a homage to the dying genre of Chillwave, and my awesome summer that it seems to have sountracked, here is a video that I made on the train last week whilst coming back to London.
Enjoy the wavey chilledness of it.

The music is by Neon Indian, although feel free to replace it with your favorite track by Washed Out, Toro y Moi, Memory Tapes, etc. Its also better if you enjoy doing chillwavey things like jumping into lakes, and surfing.

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