Tuesday, 9 February 2010

An update on my life.

Right, i've been away from this blogging thing for a while, mostly, and so i'm going try and get back into it!

Ok, so an update on my life. 
Its been quite a hectic couple of weeks.
I turned 22 a couple of weeks ago, and since then, its been go go go.

First, I have been offered a full time position at a marketing agency as a creative (an agency whom I currently freelance for.) I haven't accepted yet, i'm going to consider all my options, however its nice to know that I can get some full time work upon graduation.

Secondly, we got our marks back for the first term and I (somehow) managed to get 80% (which also happens to be the highest mark in the year group! (although I think it was undeserved, there are people who do a lot more work than I do on the course!)

Thirdly, I got an email yesterday of Vice Magazine in New York, they have somehow seen my VBS.TV idents and really love them, and so I am currently awaiting some feedback off the Vice Magazine design department in brooklyn. Exciting stuff.

Also, my work has been featured today on typography website typographyserved.com. I'm really pleased about this, especially seen as I had no idea, they just came across my work and decided to feature it.

Oh, and theres also a possible (albeit top secret) project in the pipeline with a certain Mr. Si Scott.

I think thats it for the time being. 

I will post more updates soon.

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