Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Please, don't thank me all at once.

In the spirit of good old Christmas procrastination hard work, I have spent the last 2 days developing a new font. For some reason I have felt inspired to make a font since my visit to Stockholm, and so have appropriately named it after the city (albeit with a different spelling) - A_B_ Stochome.
The font is still in the beta stages (the kerning isn't perfect, and I haven't yet included numbers or punctuation) however I hope to polish it off soon enough. I created using a modular method, using a square, half a semicircle and a line. (hence the shapes at the bottom of the poster)
Anyway, below is a sample of it. It is available to download HERE, but only 10 times. (if there is an overwhelming rush for it - i.e. 11 people want it, which I highly doubt, then I will re-upload it.)

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